The Clever Handbag Accessory

"I love these key finders. My daughter actually took mine from me so I had to get another." - Susan 

"Love it! Works well - and I can always find my keys now. Would make a great gift!" - JP

Finally, a quick and easy way to find your keys in your handbag

Simply attach your keys to the key finder and hook it over the edge of your bag. The key finder keeps your keys where you can easily find them. The unique design accessorises your handbag on the outside while keeping your keys secure on the inside.

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 Perfect Gift   Finders Key Purse® are an ideal gift idea for busy Mums, friends, teachers, colleagues ...

Rated as a top ten gift item by Giftbeat Magazine

"This is a neat little gift that is practical and fun. Whoever invented these little gadgets is a genius!".  - M. Worley


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